About Us

StudyApps.Net is one of the largest online websites about educational and study books apps for Android or iOS-based devices in the US. This website created for people who want to study everywhere using their mobile devices.

What we do at StudyApps

Listen to our users!

Our users know what they like. We make it easy for them to tell us, with reviews, ratings and contact form. Every day we work to improve this website.

Deliver fresh apps

Every week we add more than hundred new curated apps to our catalog. We present apps from all of the independent developers, spread around the globe. Here you can find the latest and the best education, book and reference apps for modern iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets).


StudyApps provides innovative functionality like:

  • App charts.
  • App version history.
  • And more

Lead the way

StudyApps also develops own apps. Our exclusive Development Kit gives us the ability to make great apps with a lot of functionality.

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