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  • Version: Varies with device
  • Size: 16.44M
  • Compatibility: Varies with device
  • Author: Culture Alley
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Package name: com.CultureAlley.japanese.english
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Hello English App: Improve Your Knowledge of the Language

It’s not a secret to anyone that English is an international language, which opens a lot of doors for those who know it. Speaking this language allows you to find a better job, travel with more confidence, and freely communicate with people from different countries. At the moment, there are numerous educational apps out there for you to learn new things on the go, and languages are certainly not an exception. If you’re searching for an application to improve your knowledge of English, then the Hello English app may be just what you need. Continue reading to get familiar with this application.

Functionality 9/10

There is no denial that learning a new language can be difficult, especially if it is completely different from your native one. At the same time, the benefits of knowing another language outweigh all the downsides. The majority of people choose to study English as their second language because it is so widely spoken all over the world.

Hello English is an app designed for people whose native languages are Spanish, Chinese, Nepali, Malay, Turkish, Punjabi, Indonesia, Hindi, Arabic, and some others. The application is quite popular among users of both Play Store and App Store and it also has a high rating, which means that people find it useful.

There are 475 interactive lessons available in the application, which allow you to learn everything from grammar to the most useful everyday phrases. What is amazing about these lessons is that you can complete them even when you’re offline, which is not the case with the majority of similar applications. Whether you’re stuck in a traffic jam with no Internet, or you travel somewhere where your Internet connection is weak, you are able to continue your education without any problems.
In addition to that, there is a collection of entertaining games to help develop your listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. When learning any language the goal is to pay equal attention to all the aspects of the communication, and Hello English exercises are perfect for that. You will be able to view your results straight away and receive some tips on how to improve your knowledge.

The app includes a dictionary with over 10,000 words for you to learn and you can also hear how to pronounce them, which is always convenient. Besides that, you have a chance to talk to the teachers and find out the answers to the questions that concern you, including the meaning of certain words or explanation of particular grammatical rules.

Expanding vocabulary should be a part of the everyday learning routine for anyone who wants to become better at speaking a foreign language. With the help of the daily news practice, you will be able to learn new words in the most natural way, as it is a lot easier to remember these words when you stumble upon them in a certain context. Another cool feature of the application is the conversation game. Hello English offers you a chance to work on your spoken skills by talking directly into the app.

Hello English is undoubtedly an excellent application for people to improve their knowledge of English and make sure that they are constantly progressing by learning new words and working on their pronunciation.

Design 9/10

The free Hello English app has a fun and colorful design, which makes it look less serious and boring as opposed to some other educational applications out there. When you open the app, you are greeted with a vertical list of green, yellow, and red tabs that correspond to different native languages that speakers can choose from. While it’s nothing extraordinary, it is definitely a thoughtful and pleasant application in terms of design, so you’re more than likely to enjoy it.

Usability 10/10

Once you download Hello English on your device, you can start learning English without any difficulties. When you open the app, your first step is to choose your native language, which will be used throughout the application. The app guides you through all the different steps, so there is no way for you to get lost. It works smoothly and without any major bugs on both Android and iOS devices, so you should not experience any problems. You will be able to quickly use the app even if you don’t have any previous experiences using similar software.

Cross-Platform Use 9/10

Whether you’re a user of an Android or iOS device, you have an opportunity to install this application by downloading it from the Google Play Store or App Store. The OS version required for you to install the app on your iOS smartphone or tablet is 9.2, and when it comes to Android, the version depends on a particular device. Unfortunately, you cannot download Hello English APK from the Microsoft Store for Windows devices.

In-App Purchases

The application is completely free, which means that you are able to use it without any limitations and you don’t have to purchase any additional features.


Learning a foreign language can be intimidating when you have no idea where to begin. Fortunately, these days there are numerous websites and apps that allow you to become better at talking and writing in a new language whenever you feel like it. Hello English is a popular app that provides users with a large number of effective lessons, which can all be accessed for free. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you already know something, you will consider this app useful if you can find your native language on the list. Install Hello English, learn English in the most entertaining and effective way!

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If you’re a native speaker of the previously mentioned languages, you will certainly find Hello English a useful and interesting application thanks to its wide range of great lessons and games.

Pros : Free for Android and iOS devices;
Convenient and pleasant interface;
475 interactive lessons;
Collection of games to learn faster;
Over 10,000 words in a dictionary.

Cons : Not available for Windows devices;
Not the most extensive selection of interface languages.

Functionality 4.5

Design 4.5

Usability 5.0

Cross-platform use 4.5

Average : 4.6

Hello English: Learn English Version History

  • Hello English: Learn English v.356 for Android 4.0+ Dec. 02, 2016
  • Hello English: Learn English v.352 for Android 4.0+ Nov. 25, 2016
  • Hello English: Learn English v.351 for Android 4.0+ Nov. 24, 2016
  • Hello English: Learn English v.350 for Android 4.0+ Nov. 19, 2016
  • Hello English: Learn English v.342 for Android 4.0+ Oct. 27, 2016
  • Hello English: Learn English v.339 for Android 4.0+ Oct. 15, 2016
  • Hello English: Learn English v.337 for Android 4.0+ Oct. 10, 2016
  • Hello English: Learn English v.334 for Android 4.0+ Sep. 28, 2016
  • Hello English: Learn English v.333 for Android 4.0+ Sep. 20, 2016
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