Dodge Speeding Fines With Velociraptor App

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Using Google Maps as your in-car nav is convenient. You've got all the maps you might need as long as you have data (or a WiFi connection), spoken alerts, as well as all the extra perks like restaurants and gas stations.

The only driving-related feature the app seems to lack is displaying speed limits, and everyone knows that not sticking to them may cost you dearly.

However, there's an app for this already, and it reminds us of the glorious Cretaceous with its name alone. Velociraptor!

Velociraptor appVelociraptor app

Velociraptor is a simple idea executed skillfully. All the app does is placing a free-floating icon within Google Maps itself. You don't have to start it manually every time you need to use Maps - it will get connected to the app and start automatically after.

Though Velociraptor is simple and intuitive, there are some toggles you can switch around for convenience - or fun. These include:

  • setting the speedometer on or off;
  • changing units from imperial to metric;
  • toggling speed warnings and so on.

The speed limit data for Velociraptor is taken from HERE maps, and there are blank spaces. The major roads are covered just fine, but some of the quieter back alleys are uncharted, so we suggest you drive 25 there.

Another trick you can enjoy is seeing your own speed pulled from GPS data; however, it's not always reliable and tends to tell you you're going faster than you actually are.

Overall, if you already know your daily commute well, the app isn't essential to you. If you deliver pizza - or Uber as a pastime activity - you should give Velociraptor a shot.

What are your thoughts on Velociraptor? Share the comments below!

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