Google Releases New Emoji For Android

Google Releases New Emoji For Android on Studyapps Top Blog

Android was trying to catch up with IOS in the emoji field and finally we can see the results of this attempt. Last week Android developers released a keyboard and emoji update. Until now we were able to use only Unicode 6.0 emoji when Apple developers have been using not only Unicode 7.0 but even Unicode 8.0.

Finally, Android offers to its users the same things. What we’ve found out from the tweet of the Senior Vice-President of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer is that we will have access to such popular beast emoji as the unicorn, crab, and lion. Moreover, we got a highly wanted middle finger emoji and a lot of other new pictograms.

We can find not only some new arrivals but we’ve also noticed a change in the appearance of the old emoji. Different smiley faces, gestures, couple emoji and a bunch of other pictograms now have a different style from the previous version and they really have a gorgeous look.

Despite the fact that new emoji update is highly wanted by all Android users, it’s only available on the Google devices, release date of the emoji update for other Android devices hasn’t been announced yet. So we should just wait and feel ourselves a little bit envious to those who can already use new emoji.

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