Hearts over Stars: Favorites out of Twitter, Likes in

Hearts over Stars: Favorites out of Twitter, Likes in on Studyapps Top Blog
Finally, they have made up their mind and did it! The change seems minor, but it surely will affect user experience. There’s no more Favorite option in Twitter. It’s replaced by a traditional “likes”, and the icon is a heart now, not a star.

This reform is expected to change Twitter users’ attitude. You don’t have to save somebody’s tweet as your bookmark if you don’t intend to address to in the future. But if you really like what someone wrote or share, you don’t have to think twice before liking it. If fact the feature remains the same, it only changes the name and a graphic sign.

Of course, users will still have full access to all the tweets they have selected. No more a bookmark, but a sign of attitude. Reformation will make Twitter easier to get used to for devoted Facebook users. And existing active users will surely receive more likes and will be encouraged to produce more interesting content.

We’re already wondering how it will affect Twitter users’ behavior massively. If Twitter gets what it wants then we must admit that symbols rule our life more than material things.

So far Twitter users don’t seem to be pleased with this change. But let’s see what happens when they get used to this new reality.

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